When should I make my booking?

As soon as you are sure which dates you wish to travel, I would advise that you make your reservation. During traditionally busy periods (Christmas, Carnival, Easter, Summer), I would suggest that you book as early as possible. To obtain the lowest airfare must be book within 14 days or more in advance. Some destinations as the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South American no advance purchase is required.

What types of documents are required to travel?

For a domestic flight at check in a government ID is required. For international flights passport is needed, and a visa. As a courtesy, I will advise you on rather or not you will need a visa to travel.

Can I receive a refund on consultation services if I no longer wish to go forward with my trip?

Yes, you may receive a refund on consultation services if you are unable to go forward with your trip.

Can I travel with a one-way ticket to any country?

If you are not a citizen of that country you cannot travel with a one-way ticket. You need to have round-trip ticket.

Can a minor fly unaccompanied?

Minors between the ages of 7-12 years old could travel alone with an escort service offered by the airline of your choice. There may be an extra charge by the airline. For connecting flights, minors are only allowed to travel on an early flight and it has to be at least one or more flights after the one they are flying.

Can I purchase insurance for my trip?

Yes, you can. Access America or Travel Guard is one of the highly recommended agencies. These insurance covers any reason to cancel your trip and refund your money. Highly recommend for international travelers.

I no longer want to go on trip anymore, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, no. If you decide to change your mind after all of the work has been complete, (looking for flights, hotels, etc) then you can not get a refund. So make sure you are very serious about traveling!